Top Jobs For Military Veterans

Many military veterans find it difficult to look for work after their time in service. Many research studies show that despite having gained several practical and valuable skills in their training, these veterans still have a higher-than-average unemployment rate. The reason for this is the “language barrier” between employers and veterans. The veterans have a hard time translating their military experiences into corporate responsibilities.


The good thing with these former soldiers are the qualities they have acquired from their training. Some of their advantages include leadership, accountability, management, teamwork, and of course, physical strength.

With all of these in mind, listed below are some of the available job opportunities for veterans wherein they can use the skills they have attained during their military service.

Intelligence Analyst

Some veterans still find themselves eager to serve the country even after retiring from the military. Being an intelligence analyst can be the answer to that. This job requires working for the FBI and is tasked to protect a country’s national security. They try to keep the safety of a country by analyzing the intelligence collected by the field offices.

Veterans are the perfect match for this job since they have been immersed in this kind of job during their service. Before coming up with their plan of attack, they still have to study the intel they get and identify credible threats from this. This type of task is in line with being an intelligence analyst.

Software Developer


Some veterans spent their military career in developing weapons, creating test standards for their electrical system and improving their team’s navigation systems. Combine these skills with them being strong problem solvers, and they can have an excellent career as a software developer.

Financial Advisor

In the CareerCast Veteran Network job database, being a financial advisor is the top most in-demand career for military veterans. Retired soldiers are recommended to work in this area since they had sufficient background in both mathematics and finance when they were serving.

Most retirees who worked as a financial advisor serve their fellow military families to guide them into protecting their investments and savings. It is a huge help for these families since the line of work of their family member, being in the military, always put their lives at risk.

Emergency Medical Technician

Soldiers are usually trained to help wounded or injured military members. They have been exposed to the different step-by-step approach to medical training. With this in mind, being an emergency medical technician can also be one tailor-fitted job for military veterans. The good thing with this is that they are used to the site of blood, and they have been already exposed to pressure-packed situations. Hence, panicking in stressful situations is not an option for them.

Aside from being an emergency medical technician, there are other jobs which are in line with healthcare. Some of these include surgical technologist, occupational therapy assistant, physical therapist assistant, or diagnostic medical sonographer.

Business Management


The military is famous for developing leaders who know how to craft strategies, adapt to the evolving environment, and motivate people with different backgrounds. Hence, it is no surprise that these soldiers are fit for jobs which are related to both business and project management. Some of these business management roles include the following:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Auditor or Accountant
  • Hotel Manager

Some even route to going into business for themselves instead of taking these roles. Soldiers are known for having a high tolerance for taking risks. This trait makes them good entrepreneurs as well.

As mentioned above, there is an improved employment landscape for military veterans. They just have to reflect on their skills set and decide which occupation best fits them.

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