Remembering The 2015 Oklahoma Veterans Forum

If there is one thing that I enjoy doing, it is attending events with my fellow veterans just like the 2015 Oklahoma veterans forum. It makes me feel happy and excited whenever I get a chance to hang out with people who have the same experience as I do. The truth is that I sometimes miss living a military life and the only closest thing to my previous life is engaging in interesting conversations with other veterans.


The 2015 Oklahoma veterans forum is among those events that I will genuinely treasure in my life. It was during that time when I finally dared to accept my fate. Because of the inspiration of the keynote speakers, I understood these things:

  • Things will not always happen the way I want them to be. As such, it is essential for me to adjust to my surroundings and those around me. Sometimes, I need to accept that things are beyond my control so that I will not feel any stress or anxiety.
  • There is a better place for a veteran like me. It feels good to know that many individuals are willing to help those who can no longer return to being a member of the military. Several people in business also help veterans get a good job.
  • I may not have control over what other people do, but I can control the way I react to their actions and words. It is always best and ideal to think twice before doing anything, especially if you are not sure of its outcome. Always choose to take a smart move.

The event mentioned above made me realize that I am currently living the best time of my life right now. All I have to do is to open my eyes and appreciate what I have so that I can feel true happiness.