Understanding The Family Life Of A Military Man

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Being a family member of a military man seemed to be difficult especially from other people’s points of view. Knowing the life in the military, the lives of servicemen are always at risk, and staying at one place may be likely impossible to do. Nevertheless, one can still be proud of having family members like them because not all are given the chance to be of service to his countrymen.

When it comes to marrying a military man, there may be lots of apprehensions and doubts but it is really not that impossible. Just like other marriages, there will always be challenges and struggles whatever the job of the spouse may be. Settling down may be hard for them too but they are still human and may also want a stable relationship and family in the future. Just like many others, they may likely want to have someone to be there for them during smooth and rough times.

It’s not a simple situation but it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible to have a healthy and meaningful relationship with a military man. Being happy and contented with them is not totally impossible. You just both need strong willpower to make it work. Just like any relationship, both should be understanding enough about the kind of lifestyle that you will face having a military man in the family.

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Truthfully, military life can be really stressful for families. You can be separated for too long, or you’ll be moving frequently due to unpredictable schedules of training. Paper works and reports may entail too much time which may add up to the stress to the whole family if this happens repeatedly.

Kids and Parenting

Unlike other families, having a military parent increases the chance of children being exposed to a stricter environment. This may be because of the way that military people are trained. Being strict and disciplinarian towards your children may be a good thing for some but other children may also find it to be stressful. According to studies, being strict may not work for other children because it may result in keeping their distance from you. Since you are away for long, they may not have a good impression on your parenting every time you get back.

Due to the lack of family time, spouses of military men should be understanding and patient enough. Military husbands cannot spend more time with their families just like other families. This should be explained well enough to the children so they can be more understanding of the situation. The military parent needs all the care and love from their families to cope up with the stress and danger that they are always facing in their line of work.

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Another disadvantage would be frequent moving of location. Having a military parent does not let you stay in one location all throughout your life. You may need to move from one place to another due to work assignments. This situation can be hard most especially to the children. They need to adjust to a new environment from time to time. Other kids may not easily grasp the situation but they may likely understand as time goes by.

And because of the constant moving, the family should be prepared to survive on their own without their support system which is family and old friends. You may need to adapt to the new environment and therefore adjust to having new neighbors and having new classmates and playmates for the kids. The family should just hope and pray that the new community would be supportive and helpful in times of need.

Despite the difficulties, there are also some advantages of having a military man in the family. One would be having free health and life insurance for all the family members. Since their work entails risk and danger, a military family is entitled to health and life insurance to lessen the worries of the family.

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Being in the military also entails a lot of “balancing”. This is not easy because you may be torn between your job and your family. But the family should understand that you also have an oath to the country. Surely, challenges and trials may be encountered, and setting your priorities may be hard but when the family works together and each family member is supportive enough, every obstacle will surely be defeated and everyone will find a way to live life harmoniously despite the challenges that the family will be facing.

At the end of the day, a family will always be a family. Truthfully, there will be lots of sleepless nights for both spouses thinking of each other and how things are going at each other’s end. But with constant prayers, nothing is impossible. Having a military husband or wife surely makes the family proud. Balancing between serving the family and country entails a lot of courage and not everyone is given a chance to do that. Family members just need to be more encouraging and understanding to lessen the stress brought about by being away from the family member in service.


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