About Us

ARMing Heroes is the credit & collection industry's charity for military veterans.  It was founded in 2009, and takes the first part of its name from the "Accounts Receivable Management" industry.  When we say that we are "arming" our heroes, we mean that this industry is working toward the betterment of our nation's veterans by "arming" them with timely financial grants and job leads in the call centers that make up the industry.  Because bill collectors are interested in helping veterans just as much as any other patriotic Americans.

By employing hundreds of thousands of people and saving American families hundreds of dollars every year in efforts to help creditors keep costs down, the accounts receivable management industry holds a prominent place in the economy. It's also an industry with a large number of successful companies willing and able to support charitable causes.  This prominence and degree of success uniquely positions the industry to help veterans in the following areas:

  • Grants: ARMing Heroes makes grants to veterans in two ways.  Primarily, we make grants through our annual No Debts for Vets drive, in which applications are accepted from July 4th through September 11th each year, with resulting grants awarded and paid out before year end.  We also make emergency grants throughout the year for needs specifically related to food, housing, utilities, and necessary transportation. Contact us to make a donation, become a fund-raising force multiplier or to apply for a grant.
  • Job Opportunities & Training: ARMing Heroes has a network of business owners and human resources professionals who have pledged to review vets’ resumes upon request. Contact us to submit your resume or to join this network. Our partners have pledged to provide free training for veterans who are interested in learning about opportunities in the accounts receivable management industry. Contact us to find out about training opportunities or to offer training to vets.