2011 Grant Recipients

ARMing Heroes has been making a difference in the lives of veterans since 2009. Here are some of the vets we helped in 2011 and their stories.

Maurice Shuff

"I wanted to THANK ARMing Heroes for helping me out in a time of need. Last year I received an email from the organization about a program called “No Debts for Vets.” I had just recently separated from the army after my 6 years of service and one year served in Iraq. Now back as a civilian" ... Read More!

Shannon Meehan

"I don't know how, exactly, my wife and I can truly show our great appreciation for you, ARMing Heros, and what you have given us. We feel so fortunate to cross paths with your organization, and we are much indebted to your generosity. Helping us Helping us with our finances as you did," ... Read More!

Daniel Ridner

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank this organization. It is a pleasure to know that there are organizations out there like Arming Heroes to help veterans in need.  Words can't explain how grateful I am for the grant I received from Arming to Heroes to help pay off my debt

Jason Robertson

"The people that work for this organization, the people that run this organization, and especially the people that donate their time and money to this organization are heroes! Every single person there is doing their part not only to help veterans, but to improve our country and our community "... Read More!

James Reese

"Thank you ARMing Heroes for your help and support of all veterans as you know we sign on not for the pay but for the honor of serving our great country and with support from organizations such as yours it helps greatly with the transition back home it makes me feel proud to be an American"