2014 Grant Recipients

ARMing Heroes has been making a difference in the lives of veterans since 2009. Here are  the vets we helped in 2014.

Robert Alley

“My family and I were very happily surprised to find out that the debt collection industry had a charity to help veterans ... Thank you so much for your assistance.  My family will sleep better knowing we will not lose our housing.”

Darryl Bell (Purple Heart Recipient)

"Thanks to the donations from the organization and its partners I can now drive to see my boys. My family is doing better because of you. I’m doing better because of you. Since I do not need all the awarded funds and with the advice of my ex-wife, family, and friends I am giving back a portion of the funds back in the hope that it will help someone else who needs it ...”

Rolando Cadenas

“Not only has ARMing Heroes been amazing to me and my family but have kept me posted on the status of my application every step of the way. This grant will not only get me out of debt and help my credit but will lift a huge burden off my shoulders. I know that I will not let bills/payments ever get this far out of hand and will continue to be financially smarter ..."

Jason Cart

“Thank you for allowing my family and I to keep our farm by helping us pay off our debt. There are no words to express our gratitude for this. It is nice to know there are people out there that care about the future of our veterans ...”

Christopher Carter

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that has been received ... I am a father of four and a husband ... upon discharge it was very hard to make ends meet and keep up with the bills. I was facing eviction before [ARMing] Heroes came to the rescue ..."

Thomas Casper

“This is a truly amzing gift for my family and I. We are so thankful for the opportunity to get back on our feet and pay off some debt. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do or any way we can help."

Joshua Cheever (Purple Heart Recipient)

"I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to the ARMing Heroes organization and to the donors that make this great program possible. It is comforting to know that there are so many who support this great cause and are willing to help a soldier in need. Amidst extreme financial strain related to a severe injury sustained in combat, ARMing Heroes..." 

Dornell Chenault

“Thank you!!! God bless all of you...I have no words that can truly express how grateful we are for ARMing Heroes. Thank you for helping my family and me during a time that we so desperately needed. Once we can, we will make sure to pay it forward ..." 

Chris Cleland

“I wanted to thank everyone who took part in allowing my family and me to receive this grant. Many people are in the same struggles we are, but it feels good to have peace of mind knowing my family will still have a place to lay their heads. My family and I are greatly appreciative for such a program assist us." ... Read More!

Joel De Leon

"This grant will keep me on my feet for the next two months and I am more than sure it will lead to me starting out on the right foot this coming new year. I hope that in the near future I will be able to pay it forward to ARMing Heroes. Thank you again to all the people that have donated to ARMing Heroes ..."

Daniel Diaz

“ARMing Heroes has given my family and I an opportunity to rebound from these hard times. This morning I felt like I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness."  

Efrain Fuentes

"I can’t find the words to express the feelings and not to mention excitement to the news of a grant to assist my family and I during our time of financial hardship. I had honestly lost all hope for us and especially before Christmas." 

Brian Gammon

"Thanks so much to all the donors and everyone at ARMing Heroes. The checks came in along with a new start on life thank to you all. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!! My birthday is the 29th so its going to be a happy and thankful one. Keep doing the good work ..."

Daniel Gray

“From all of the Gray family we would like to send out greatest thanks for the program that you offer. It is hard for any veterans let alone the disabled veterans that cannot work to stay out of [financial] problems and to get their feet back on the ground after leaving the service."

Bryan Harp

“My family and I would like to thank the ARMing Heroes organization, the donors, and supporters for the grant that will ease the financial pressure I have been facing since my separation with the United States Navy. There have been many hardships that include loss of employment, foreclosure, and service-connected disabilities. It is heartwarming to be given this chance ..."

Daniel Hof

“I want to sincerely thank the supporters behind ARMing Heroes for making such a wonderful program possible. Like many families recently, we relied on credit to bridge tough financial times and then struggled to meet those debt obligations. This grant will break some of those chains holding me back and allow me to move forward with my next steps ...”  Read More!

Thomas Hollis

“We'd like to thank all the donors who have made this grant possible ... This grant will help us short term by relieving some of our debt and help us reach our long term goals of less debt along with financial independence. Without the support of organizations such as ARMing Heroes and the debt collection industry, we would struggle to meet our short term needs ..."

Thomas Hosfelt (Purple Heart Recipient)

“The grant awarded to me by ARMing Heroes gives me hope as I head into the New Year, and will enable me to keep my head above water until I can once again support myself. I respect that these grants are a hand-up, not a hand out. I’m overwhelmed by the willingness of others to provide emotional and financial support...”  Read More!

Latonya Jones-Isaac

“This assistance will help me to start putting the pieces of my financial life back together both currently and in the near future. Now I can have a true Christmas by being able to have heat in my home and the capability to stay in contact with my loved ones and various medical doctors due to my serious medical ailments. I look forward to have a positive checking account balance ..."

Adam Lewis

"This grant from your generous donors has allowed my family to get ahead ... This will allow us to now pay whats due and not the late payments just to keep things from being shut off. Thank you again for everything, we could not be any more appreciative of the blessings you have given." 

Roy McDaniel

"Thank you again so much,  you have enabled me to essentially finish my degree by helping me keep my family car ..."

Juanita Minfield

“I am very blessed and thankful for your assistance. It has truly been a rough year for me. I lost my employment in April and have been struggling to take care of my two kids on my own. I am very happy that there are people out there to assist veterans who need the help. I was pleased and surprised to find out about the grant. This will help me out and will be a blessing to my kids and I."

Ricardo Morlabaez

“I would like to thank ARMing Heroes and donors for allowing me the opportunity to pay my bills ... it means a lot from the bottom of my heart."

Sam Pennock

"I'd like to personally thank everyone who donated to ARMing Heroes. The grant that I was awarded really, really helped out during the Christmas season. It got me ahead on my truck payments when I'd been close to falling behind. I don't know what I'd have done without it. I can't tell you how thankful I and my family are for what you did for us ..."

Jason Peters

"We so appreciate this grant ... As it will give us a little breathing room, and will help to [alleviate] some stress that creeps up on us each month, especially when it comes to our largest bill, our rent. Thank you so much for all of your help, and understanding!"

Daniel Rea (Purple Heart Recipient)

“I would like to thank your organization and donors for everything. I medically retired from the Marines last October ... My whole life is at a new starting point because of the assistance I am receiving and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for making my life so much easier in these tough times. God bless all of you and Semper Fidelis ..." Read More!

Jose Sanchez

“I like to give my whole hearted thank you ... ARMing heroes and all the sponsors who have come together to help, this will help me get out from under some bills and give my family a merry xmas this year, you have made me cry thank you god bless you, from jose sanchez a grateful warrior ..."

Stacey Sharp

“I had to max out my credit card for living expenses over the summer and now have been unable to make more than the minimum payment. Having one less thing to worry about as I enter my final semester of nursing school is such a relief! Thank you so much!"

Barbara Sim

“A special thank you to the donors who made this possible for myself and fellow veterans. It's a blessing to know there are people who truly care and go out of their way to show this country's veterans that their sacrifices are not in vain. By receiving this grant to help with rent I will be one step closer to attaining financial stability ..." Read More!

Carter Stelling

"I would like to thank ARMing Heroes and the donors for such a powerful hand up during a time when it was greatly needed ... I was surprised to learn that the debt collection industry had a charity for veterans, and I hope that the many other veterans in similar need can soon receive the same hand up as well ..."

Sean Swapp

“It felt great to get this news! If I wasn't driving, I would have jumped up and down! It definitely does not surprise me that veterans have given back part of their grants [to enable my grant amount to be increased]. Thank you for your service and everything you do ..."

Jamison Sweet

"THANK YOU! I would never imagine my life being where I am now. I feel as though I should have plenty of money to be further than what I am now. I just need a little help now and to those that are helping I deeply appreciate it ... If you only understood what this means to me."

Joshua Trillow

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Having you pay off my debts and get the creditors off my back is a blessing. I was able to provide my family with a good Christmas this year thanks to you helping me. The grant went way and above what I expected. The relief you gave me let me get my driver’s licenses back so now I can go out and find work ..."

Arvin Villena

“I want to sincerely thank the donors of ARMing Heroes for making grants to veterans like me. Thank you!”

Richard Vreeland

"On behalf of my wife Jacqueline and myself, we would like to thank the gracious people whom have made this possible for us, this year has seen many ups and downs financially for our family ... So this very very welcome and so very generous grant is a heaven sent for us."

Matthew Webb

“Thank you so very much this assistance will provide a positive impact on our situation and we are very grateful for being selected to receive help. Please know that this gift will not be wasted but will keep us on track to pay off all of our debt over time, and that it provides a renewed level of motivation and focus on doing so.”

Michael Wells

"God bless you ARMing Heroes! This grant will greatly increase my quality of life and I am very honored and thankful for a second chance. Since coming home from the Iraq War, I have faced divorce, combat related medical issues, homelessness, separation from my two sons, and financial hardships. Because of this grant, I will be able to regain some of what I have lost and sustain my financial quality of life again. It is very heartwarming to know ..." Read More!