Hold a Drive

We encourage individual and corporate donations, but the best way for companies to support ARMing Heroes is to hold a company-wide fundraising drive at any point throughout the year.  The No Debts for Vets campaign is held in the Fall each year, and we welcome you to hold your drive during this period.  If not, you can hold a drive at any time in the year convenient for you and your colleagues, and we will then count those donations toward the subsequent No Debts for Vets campaign.

Not Sure What to Do? Use Our Handy Starter Kit

We have created the following starter kit for companies that want to take advantage of this unique way of supporting veterans who are having financial challenges.  This kit walks you through, in four easy steps, what is needed to announce, manage, and complete a successful employee drive.

Any company that participates by holding a drive will receive ARMing Heroes Donor Dog Tags shown below to give out to donor employees or all employees at the following thresholds.  ARMing Heroes Donor Dog Tags are a great way to let employees commemorate their support for military veterans. Depending on the results of your drive, your company will receive the following.

  • If your drive yields an average over $10 per employee, one tag per employee.
  • If your drive yields an average over $50 per employee and a minimum of $2,500, one tag per employee PLUS a second tag CO-BRANDED with your company’s name and logo!
  • Any company that donates $10,000 or more through any combination of employee or company contributions, regardless of size, will be recognized in person at an ARMing Heroes event with an appreciation award and trophy to display in the office and show off to clients and partners.

At each threshold above, employee contributions can be matched by the company to enable the company to reach its desired threshold.

Step One: Tell Us Who You Are & Your Plans.

First, tell us you are planning to hold a drive and the details.  Once you click Submit, you will be routed to a page with instructions on the next steps and have the opportunity to download the materials in the starter kit.

Will you consider optional automatic payroll deductions in which employees can donate a specific amount every pay period for a period of time, which would be remitted to ARMing Heroes monthly?

Please check below if you would like to have your fundraising drive announced in press release featured on InsideARM.