Why Veterans Are Seldom Open With Psychologists And Psychiatrists

Some cases show suicide hits veterans with an alarming force. These people committing suicide grow in numbers each year. That is because doctors often miss it. But why is that? How come psychiatrists and psychologists can’t seem to notice the damaging growth? Let us take a more intimate look at why these unfortunate things happen.

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There is a study from a psychiatric emergency clinic which explains that almost 53% of veterans that show up in a clinic write down that they are suicidal. However, only a few doctors and specialists take note of it. Well, two things can explain it. One is that professionals do not see it as a threat because they believe that most forms of therapy are proven to help out the veterans. The second one is that professional medical experts do not want to emphasize on suicide but instead focus on its cause such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Reintegration into society can bring physical and mental health problems, as well as difficulties with finances and employment, placing severe strain on families. — Michael Friedman Ph.D.

What’s In The Condition

One of the things that wrestle in the mind of most people is the reason why veterans enter a field in full strength and mental health but often ends up with psychological complications. That even if they are suicidal, they prefer not to tell a soul about the struggle they are facing emotionally and mentally. Perhaps that is because these veterans often do not want other people to judge them for what they can do even if they are struggling with emotional and mental pain. They do not want others to emphasize the limits of how far they can go.

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The Veterans Insights

The reason why a lot of veterans do not entirely consider any forms of therapy is because they believe they will get stuck with no answers. That records and numbers do not genuinely matter to them. And even if it does prove a significant impact, it does not surprise these people to know that health professionals will only rely on what they academically understand. With that, veterans find it hard to share something because they know the professionals have never been into that situation.

One strong perception that seems to make a point is the idea that mental health professionals only know information that veterans tell them. That means when veterans choose not to mention a full story; these healthcare experts will not get anything. However, it does not mean that veterans not narrating the whole side of the story do not want some help. Sometimes, they only feel a little anxious about trying another drug that, on occasion, does not cure anything. Or perhaps they are just too tired of doing the same therapy routines over and over again. Whatever reason they may have, it is none of everybody’s business.

Prolonged Exposure therapy can be a very effective treatment for PTSD. However, PE works because it is powerful, and because it is powerful it can also harm. — Glenn Sullivan Ph.D.

Another reason why veterans rarely trust psychiatrists and psychologists (even if they’re from trustworthy platforms like BetterHelp) is because these professionals sometimes do not ask the right question. Most veterans think that these experts only want to create a validation for a diagnosis they already have in their mind. That is a problem because it tears down the credibility of the whole healthcare industry with regards to addressing mental health issues with specific cases. Honestly, you can’t have a peer-to-peer mentoring where a traumatized individual openly shares his or her traumatic experience. But if chances get taken, there is a possibility that both damaged individuals can help encourage each other.

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Perhaps the only thing that keeps the veterans in the right disposition is the idea where talking to someone genuinely helps. That is if those people try to confide with shares the same experience they encountered. There is this belief that the whole process of sharing emotional and mental stress does not need to undergo technical procedures. That is because the only thing that will matter is the presence and understanding between two not-so-different individuals. The truth is, it will not matter if that person is a psychiatrist, psychologists, or just an ordinary person. As long as that individual listens, things can seem to get a little better.

A successful course of therapy is much like getting a correct prescription for glasses, in that it can alter the way a person sees the world. Though the process is more involved than getting a prescription, the results can be equally dramatic. — Alex Afram, PhD

What To Do?

The whole system of the patient-therapist relationship is now in an ongoing process of positivity. With that, people are currently acknowledging the effort of the healthcare industry for turning the table and providing assistance to everyone that needs it. The emphasis of having someone that these veterans can talk to and confide their issues with is vital in their overall recovery. And as long as these experts, along with other individuals, avoid being so judgmental, it will be the biggest thing that these veterans would appreciate gladly.

5 Common Mistakes Of Veterans In The Business World

Did you know that many people in the business sector are military veterans? Are you aware that these entrepreneurs are doing great in their new lives – away from the military service and near their family? Many of them are highly successful in their chosen business ventures especially now that they can already give their full attention to managing their company. Unfortunately, there are also some of them who have difficulty in starting their business journey.

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In this article, allow us to provide you with a list of the top five common mistakes that veterans make in the world of business. Before anything else, you need to understand the reality that engaging a company or starting an entrepreneurial life is never easy. There are specific challenges that will prevent any person from achieving ultimate success overnight. If you are one of the veterans who has struggled in the business world, do not worry because what you are going through right now is only temporary. You will soon realize that your mistakes are the exact reasons why you will succeed in the future.

Make sure to avoid making these mistakes:


Failing To Have A Plan

Many veterans fail in their first attempt in business because they do not have any plan at all. What they have in mind is to earn big profits or enjoy great savings without knowing the exact steps to do in achieving financial freedom. Do not be like these persons because you will end up being disappointed. As long as you do not have a clear plan, you will never succeed in what you have chosen to do. Make sure that you create a business plan before moving forward.

Investing too much retirement money in an employer’s company stock is dangerous. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

Investing All Money In One Venture

Most veterans get a hefty amount of money from their retirement or other benefits from the state. Sad to say, some veterans are not good at handling this money. There are those who decide to invest the big chunk of their separation pay or retirement benefits to only one venture. It is not a smart thing to do because you can never be sure if you made the right investment. Keep in mind that doing business has several risks. Make sure that you have some extra savings for the rainy season. Avoid putting all money into one form of investment to keep your options open.


Making Rash Decisions

As already emphasized above, it is imperative for every veteran businessperson to be careful in making decisions. You need to be realistic at all times. Take note that every action has a corresponding consequence. If you keep on making decisions without thinking twice, you may end up facing bankruptcy. It must be noted that being an entrepreneur is quite risky, especially at this point in your life when are no longer in the military service. Hence, it is best if you will take all the time to think about matters and certain factors before making choices for yourself and the business.

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Trusting The Wrong Partner

Some veteran businessmen also fail when it comes to choosing the right persons to trust for their companies or firms. There have been several reports that discuss how most veteran entrepreneurs were tricked by their business partners. As such, you have to be careful when it comes to searching whom to trust as a potential partner in building your business. Do not believe false promises from people, especially those whom you are not familiar with. If possible, conduct your due diligence before engaging someone’s offer to become a co-owner for your business.

If someone you know lends you money, you have to pay them back. If you agree to a loan with interest, that’s a contract you made. Stanton Peele Ph.D.

Choosing Inefficient Employees

Every businessman needs to know that the success of his company does not only depend on his ability to sell products or services. The people who make up his firm also plays a significant role in growing the business. Therefore, you must no be like some veterans who do not follow certain guidelines when it comes to hiring employees or workers. The best and smart thing to do is to take your time in selecting the members of your workforce to ensure that you will not end up losing some profits.

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The key to succeeding in business is to have faith in yourself and to the people who make up your team. Do everything you can to experience continuous improvement so that your customers and clients will be happy. In the long run, it can lead to big-time success. If possible, feel free to work with a financial advisor who can help in the preparations for launching a new business.

The only thing that will create a sustainable relationship with money is doing our own inner healing work with the root of our relationship with money, which inevitably leads to some other aspect of our life experience and our psyche that is calling out for healing and growth. — Judith Barr, MA, LMHC

As already mentioned above, take all the time you need to conceptualize everything about the kind of company that you want to start. At the same time, do not forget the importance of branding. You must know how to answer to a particular demand in the market so that you can experience guaranteed success when the right time comes.


Salute To Our Real-Life Heroes

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We celebrate Veterans Day every November 11 to give respect to our honorable men who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The Veterans are our heroes who offered their lives to protect the country. They left their families and went to the most dangerous parts of the world, not knowing if they will ever come back. Their bravery is indeed immeasurable.

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Back To Civilian Life:  A Veteran’s Way Towards Financial Security After Military Service 

We owe a considerable part of the peace and order we enjoy every day to unnamed heroes in our military forces. They have willingly devoted their prime years and best energies in service of the nation. In so doing, almost every aspect of their life has been specified or taken care of by the state – their education, housing, food, clothing, and allowances. Almost everything has been provided for, tax-free. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does have its side effects. 

 In the 1950s my father struggled to save his business, and perhaps his marriage, through trying times and financial reverses. He was depressed and preoccupied. — Sam Osherson Ph.D.

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How We Can Help Veterans With PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one, if not the most common problem that military veterans face after their years of service and heroism for the country and its people. It is a mental health problem that occurs after witnessing life-threatening events in their lives. Children and military veterans are the usual people hit by this general mental issue.

We need to find a way to have a dialogue about what is like to return from war, and what it is like to be a son, a parent, a sibling, a spouse of someone who has been to war. — Sam Osherson Ph.D.

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Top Jobs For Military Veterans

Many military veterans find it difficult to look for work after their time in service. Many research studies show that despite having gained several practical and valuable skills in their training, these veterans still have a higher-than-average unemployment rate. The reason for this is the “language barrier” between employers and veterans. The veterans have a hard time translating their military experiences into corporate responsibilities.

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