Rhyan Miller

ARM Vets Charity Helps Single Dad Provide for His Daughters



April 10, 2014:
ARMing Heroes, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, today shared the story of United States Navy veteran Rhyan Miller, a single father committed to doing whatever it takes to provide for his family. Rhyan served his country from 1990-1992 during the Persian Gulf War until a service-connected knee injury resulted in his honorable discharge. After his discharge, he returned home to his two young daughters with a disability rating and challenging financial circumstances.

Over the ensuing years and in an effort to improve his family’s quality of life, Miller has continued his education and earned his master’s degree in the hopes of securing a higher-paying job. But during a recent search for employment between jobs, Rhyan was barely able to make ends meet while trying to raise two now-teenage daughters on his own. Looking for any solution to help him through this challenging time, he applied for a grant from ARMing Heroes, asking only for assistance with day-to-day expenses during his job search. In December of last year, Rhyan received the news that his application was approved, and he received a much-needed grant in the form of a grocery store gift card to help with his family’s expenses, just in time for the holidays.

Upon hearing the news of his grant award, Miller expressed his sincere gratitude:

“I wanted to extend a warm thank you and show our appreciation for your generosity. The grant from ARMing Heroes will have an immense impact on my family, which consists of me and my two teenage daughters. Times have been tough, and this grant will relieve a large amount of stress over the next few months while I try to improve my financial situation.  In my family, we are used to helping and guiding others with compassion, and now the shoe is on the other foot. This time, we are the ones who are grateful. Thank you from my family for your commitment to America’s veterans and their families.”

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