Aaron Olivas

Grant Brings Military Family’s Dream of Homeownership
Back to Life



March 12, 2014:
During its five years of service, ARMing Heroes has provided grants to more than 50 military veterans, helping them overcome the serious financial hardships they’ve had to endure since returning to civilian life. Most grant recipients face service-connected disabilities, unemployment, and delinquent debt, and have turned to ARMing Heroes, hoping for much-needed help to ease their financial burdens and get their lives back on track.

For one such vet, Aaron Olivas, this couldn’t be more the case. Sergeant Olivas served in the US Army from 2006 - 2012, earning more than his share of awards and decorations along the way, including an Army Commendation Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Medal, a National Defense Service Medal, and more. After his honorable discharge in 2012, Olivas separated from the Army and returned home to his wife and two children with a 100% disability rating, unable to work. They had lost their home to foreclosure, his wife was forced to leave her job to care for him, and they quickly fell into a serious financial situation that seemed impossible to overcome.

The Olivas family wants nothing more than to pursue the American dream of owning a home, but Aaron knew that would be impossible even through a Veterans Administration loan without first repairing his credit. Seemingly out of options, he applied for a grant from ARMing Heroes, and in December of last year, he received news that his application was approved.

With one large delinquent debt paid off, Olivas can now focus on improving other parts of his credit report, and plans to apply for that VA loan soon to help make his family’s dream of owning a home come true. Upon hearing the good news that he would receive a grant, Sgt. Olivas had this to say:

I just want to say thank you so much to ARMing Heroes. With losing our home, and me being injured, my family has been through so many ups and downs. By paying off our debt, we will finally be able to get back on track and work towards buying the house we dream of. I’m so thankful for what ARMing Heroes has done for our family. This will allow us to move forward and recover from our wounds.

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