Daniel Rea

 ARMing Heroes Adds to Board, Shares Story of Purple Heart Grant Recipient

March 24, 2015: ARMing Heroes (, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, today announced the addition of Dexter Smith, President of Credit Adjustments, Inc. ( - CAI), to its board of trustees (“the board”). With over 28 years of experience in the collection industry, Dexter brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the board, promising to further strengthen its mission of helping veterans facing financial difficulties. CAI has also been a major donor for several years running.

When asked about joining the ARMing Heroes board, Mr. Smith had this to say. “I am honored to be a part of an organization that gives back to our service men and women in ways that help with the unique challenges they face as they separate from military service and attempt to reintegrate themselves back into the workforce. I can think of no better way to support our military families than through ARMing Heroes.”

Now nine members strong, the ARMing Heroes board expects to forge ahead in 2015, building on prior years’ success of its annual No Debts for Vets Charity Fundraising Drive. Over the past five years, ARMing Heroes has provided grants to more than 100 military vets and their families, helping to ease the financial burden associated with returning to civilian life.

One such vet, Daniel Rea, is a shining example of the ARMing Heroes grant program fulfilling its mission. Daniel served in the United States Marine Corps for nearly four years until service-connected wounds, for which he was awarded a Purple Heart, prompted his medical retirement from service. He returned home to his family, a 20-month old son, and a baby on the way, with no way to immediately support them. Unable to work and waiting on his pending disability claim, he fell into a financial struggle that seemed impossible to overcome. Daniel turned to ARMing Heroes for help and late last year, he was informed that his grant application was approved. Upon hearing the good news, Daniel had this to say.

I would like to thank your organization and donors for everything. I was medically retired from the Marines last October and fell into hard times just trying to live and survive. My whole life is a new starting point because of the assistance I am receiving, and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for making my life so much easier in these tough times. God bless all of you and Semper Fidelis.”

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