Leon Edwards

Decorated War Vet Resolves $11K Debt with Help from ARM Industry Charity



February 19, 2014: 
Sergeant Leon Edwards gave seven years of dedicated service to the United States Marine Corps, including three tours of duty in Iraq. During that time he earned no less than a dozen awards and honors, including an Iraq Combat Action Ribbon, an Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medals, several Unit Commendations, and the list continues.

Upon his honorable discharge in 2009, Leon returned home with several service-related disabilities, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sleep apnea, and tendonitis. His 90% disability rating has made finding employment a challenge that, so far, has proved impossible to overcome. Unfortunately, his VA benefits are not enough to cover his monthly expenses, and like so many others, Edwards resorted to credit cards to help make ends meet.

It didn’t take long for his financial situation to spiral out of control. With penalties and interest, his delinquent debt quickly exceeded $11,000 and was assigned to American Recovery Service for collection on behalf of a major credit card issuer. With seemingly no way out, Edwards applied for a grant with ARMing Heroes (, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans. 

Edwards was approved for a $2000 grant. But it didn’t end there. Upon receipt of Leon’s application, ARMing Heroes explained his honorable military history to American Recovery Service, who in turn communicated with the credit card issuer. Because of Sgt. Edwards’ service, and their desire to help veterans, they offered to reduce his debt to just over $2000, ultimately resolving the matter almost completely.

Edwards received the good news just before the holidays last year, and had this to say:
“Thank you for your generous grant to help me with the reduction of my credit card debt during these strenuous times. I can now get a good night sleep instead of staying awake worrying about my financial situation. My family and I are extremely grateful for the ARMing Heroes organization. We appreciate all that it has done to help not only myself, but the thousands of other veterans struggling financially who feel as if there is no place to turn.”

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