Javier Herrera

Iraq Veteran and Dependents
Living Out of Motels




September 11, 2013: Javier Herrera came to ARMing Heroes in the fall of 2012 with a big problem. A decorated combat veteran of Iraq with a 50% service-connected disability rating, he was working part-time at a fast food chain while trying to find a better job. Meanwhile, he and his seven dependents had been evicted from an apartment for non-payment of rent. Although the money was legitimately owed, the Herreras were now trapped in a cycle in which they could not pay back the former landlord due to insufficient income, and were forced to move from motel to motel rather than living on the street. They were trapped in this cycle until Javier applied for and received a grant from ARMing Heroes late in 2012.

Upon receiving the grant application, the organization quickly found a past donor company likely to have contacts at the collection agency pursuing the eviction delinquency. Within a day, the organization had spoken to the right person at the collection agency, some one in a management position able review the account in consideration of Javier’s service and all the facts. Within a few days the agency called ARMing Heroes to offer a favorable settlement, one that probably would not have been offered without like-minded industry professionals advocating for assistance in Javier’s time of need. The grant Javier received paid off the agency, so the Herreras could now rent a new apartment. When asked why the agency offered such a generous settlement, the manager said that her father had been a U.S. marine in the South Pacific during World War II, and it was the least she could do to help Javier and his family in their time of desperation.

Upon receipt of news of the grant, Javier stated, “I am so grateful for your help for me and my family. I don’t know what to say. Thank you for being there for me when no one else would help.”

This story shows how easy it can be for collection industry professionals to make a difference in the lives of veterans through their contacts.

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