Thomas Hosfelt

Purple Heart Recipient Gets a Grant, and Hope, from ARM Vet Charity

May 21, 2014: ARMing Heroes (, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, today shared the remarkable story of Thomas Hosfelt, a decorated military veteran who dedicated 24 years of his life to serving his country. Hosfelt’s tenure in the United States Army and National Guard began in 1986 and included five tours of duty overseas, with deployments to Panama and Iraq. In 2009, he fought his final battle in Mosul, Iraq, where he and several other Army soldiers came under attack from a pair of rogue Iraqi policeman. The two entered a room in which Thomas and his comrades were sitting, and simply opened fire. Hosfelt returned fire, killing both Iraqis, but was wounded. As a result of those wounds, Hosfelt was awarded the Purple Heart.

Unfortunately, his wounds left Hosfelt with a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic migraines, hearing loss, and other service-related disabilities, resulting in a 90% disability rating and prompting his medical retirement in 2013. He has been struggling to support himself ever since. When his financial burden ultimately became overwhelming and insurmountable, Thomas turned to ARMing Heroes for help, and, in December of 2013, his grant application was approved. Upon hearing the news of his grant award, Hosfelt had this to say:

“The grant awarded to me by ARMing Heroes gives me hope as I head into the New Year, and will enable me to keep my head above water until I can once again support myself. I respect that these grants are a hand-up, not a hand out. I’m overwhelmed by the willingness of others to provide emotional and financial support to those who have served. I feel valued that my sacrifice made a difference somehow, to someone.”

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