Barbara Sim


TECH LOCK’s Support of ARM Vets Charity Provides Marine Help with Expenses, Hope for Housing

April 28, 2015: ARMing Heroes (, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, today shared the story of how corporate donations from donors like TECH LOCK have helped grant awardees like Barbara Sim, a military vet struggling to adjust to civilian life since her return from service.  Sergeant Sim served in the U.S. Marine Corps for two years, including service in Iraq, until a service-connected injury prompted her discharge. She returned home facing disability, unable to work, and quickly accumulated a significant amount of debt that prevented her from being able to secure housing of her own. With nowhere else to go, Sim moved in with her sister and nephew, sharing the monthly rent and housing expenses, but still struggled to make ends meet. 

Looking for any solution, Barbara applied for a grant from ARMing Heroes, hoping for help to pay down her debt, to better manage day-to-day expenses, and eventually to secure a home she could call her own. Late last year, she was informed that her grant was approved. When she heard the good news, she had this to say:

“I would like to send a special thank you to the donors who made this possible for myself and fellow veterans. It's a blessing to know there are people who truly care and go out of their way to show this country's veterans that our sacrifices are not in vain. By receiving this grant to help with rent, I will be one step closer to attaining financial stability. It's a helping hand that is very much appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and assistance in helping me move forward in improving my financial standing. God Bless.”

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